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The page you selected is in the process of loading as you read this.  Here you will see graphic designs and background elements that you'll seldom see on any other site, and because of their nature, they may take longer than traditional web pages to load.  We at Northeast Publications believe that a visually pleasing site outweighs the need for speed, and as a graphic design and web design company, we felt the need to show you what our designs actually look like, so you will see why we are second to none in grabbing the attention of potential customers, whether with our business cards, brochures, flyers, web sites, or any of our other projects. We think the wait is worthwhile, and we think you'll agree!
We formed the Elite Marketing Group a number of years back as demand continued to increase from clients advertising in our Value Book Publications direct mail books, loved our full color ad layouts, and wanted business cards and other marketing materials of similar quality. Over a number of years we have continued to expand the product lines that we have designed for clients, which now include just about every type and size of marketing product from business cards to even posters, signs and banners - all in custom-designed, full-color, vibrant layouts. Whether it's an oversized 6 x 11 full color postcard that you're mailing to prospective clients or your new full-color business card, our Premium Full-Color designs get you noticed. They create a lasting impression of quality and project your image far above that of your competition. Most of our product lines are featured below, including descriptions of sizes available and materials used - all of which are the finest you will find anywhere! We have also included a variety of samples to inspire your creative side, and show you what is possible to maximize the impact for your business. All of our designs are 100% customized for your business. Whether it be a brochure, postcard, or even a business card, we work closely with you to develop a precise and powerful message, combining that with the extra time and effort in selecting the precise images, colors, and best layout, all to show your business in its best light and generate results from your marketing piece!