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Newsletters. For years, newsletters have been popular with certain types of professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and various types of retail stores. Today, clever merchants in just about every type of industry are creatively using newsletters to keep themselves in front of their customers. With a newsletter, you can let your customers know about new products ane services, or changes in policies or referral programs that may affect them. You may want to include specials on services or products that you feature in that edition, or even include coupons or surveys that they can redeem at your location to generate foot traffic. The newest type of newsletter that we have been highly recommending to our clients is the email newsletter. As we have been recommending to clients, the first step is to start gathering a list of email addresses for clients. If certain people are apprehensive to sign up for the newsletter, you can assure them that you won't give or sell their email address to anyone, and it's used only for your newsletter. You may even want to set up an incentive program if they sign up for the newsletter - such as a $5 or $10 gift certificate, or a free dinner or pizza at a local restaurant. The tremendous advantage that an email newsletter offers you is huge cost savings. Because your cost for printing, postage and labelling is zero, you can spend even a moderate amount on design to produce a killer full-color multi-page newsletter and still have your cost 75% less t5han the same newsletter if it were printed and mailed.