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Postcards can have a variety of uses for business. They can be used as a mailed piece, passed out at trade shows or during presentations to prospective customers, or distributed to area merchants to cross-promote through local businesses. However you are using them - our postcards will not be overlooked. Our postcards are full-color on both sides, and this is not your typical postcard. Most postcards these days have color on just one side with black & white on the entire other side. Here's the problem - not only are you missing out on the advantage of full-color on the second side, but more important, think about this: which side is facing up when a postcard goes into the mailbox? yes, the address label side. And which side is always black & white?...that's right, the address label side! So the postcard is not seen by the consumer as a color piece unless they flip it over. With ours, the first side they see has an eye-catching full-color image, which gets your piece noticed - not tossed in the trash because it looks like everything else in that pile of bills. Printed on very heavy 14 and 16pt. cardstock, with a high-gloss coating, we can design a postcard for you in a large variety of of size options - from 3 x 5 all the way up to our very popular oversized 6 x 11 (which can't be missed, and makes such a great impact that many of our clients have re-ordered them numerous times because of their great success).