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Folding Brochures.Nothing else gives you quite the amount of space to work with, or offers the variety of layout options to convey information about your business, as does a floding brochure. Whether you send out your brochures by mail, leave them at local businesses or simply hand them out to your customers...one thing is for sure - our brochures will get your business noticed. Depending on the amount of information you wish to convey to your customers, and the final size you desire, we can configure your brochure virtually any way you choose. We offer the standard 8.5 x 11 tri-fold, 8.5 x 14 quad-fold, which doesn't cost a great deal more and offers you both added space as well as the ability to include a tab for tear-off (such as for for a return mailer or for coupons). The newest size that we are doing more and more of is the oversized 11 x 17 tri-fold, which folds to 5.67 x 11. This piece makes a great impact - even when folded it is an impressive size, and stands out from most brochures just because it is not your typical brochure configuration. Also, because of its size, you have literally twice the amount of space as you do with an 8.5 x 11 tri-fold. With the full-color graphics we are sure to incorporate, this piece surely won't be missed!