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Upgrade Option. By including an option to upgrade to a higher level of wash for only $2, $3, or $4 you are often able to entice many customers to spend the small additional amount to try your level of wash (Gold Wash for example). Here’s how it works: Say you have a customer that usually buys your Basic Wash for $9. Because that customer is spending $9 each time they visit, they often won’t spend the extra $3 to try the Gold Wash. On the other hand, once they’ve purchased their
wash book, that customer has effectively already paid for the Basic Wash, so the $3 seems like a small amount to now pay to get the Gold Wash, so the number of customers who’ll upgrade to the next level increases. If you train your staff well, they should ask each customer if they want to try the next level of wash with each ticket presented. This will increase your number of upgrades even further! Once that customer has tried the Gold Wash, especially if they get used to paying the $3 upcharge with their wash tickets, they will often continue with the Gold Wash since they have become used to it. Here are a few samples of the Upgrade Option: