You wouldn't settle for a 10% pizza, or 30% of your house, would you? Then why advertise in media that only cover 10%, 20%, or at best 40% of the market? Here's how the major media in the various markets stack up on average: Radio: Depending on the station you choose, you may reach up to 10% of the market. The strongest station in the state has a little over a 10% market share. So you're missing the other 90%, that's assuming the 10% hear and remember your commercial. Cable TV: With 125-150 channels per cable TV company, (and many areas like New London County have several cable TV companies) DirecTV, Dish Network, internet TV, etc., who really knows what percentage of the market you hit on just one channel...1%? of 1%?...even 5% would be an overly-generous guess. What about the other 95%? Again that's assuming that the 5% who saw your ad will remember it, and didn't use the commercial break to refresh their beverage or let the dog out. Broadcast TV: The enticement of seeing your ad on Channel 3 or 8 is strong, but5 since the cost is significantly higher than cable, and again, you're competing with all the other channels, your market share is comparable to cable. Because the coverage is statewide, 80% of the towns that are seeing your ad are so far outside your market area that they are predominantly wasted. Newspaper: Depending on the town, the newspaper's circulation decreases as you move away from the city where the paper is published. Even in the strongest town, your coverage is less than 50%. So depending on the town, you're missing 50%, 60%, 70% of the households in your market area. Again, we're assuming they saw your ad among the myriad other ads in the newspaper, competing for attention on the same page.