The first key to successful advertising is getting your ad noticed by the consumer. Why does a business run a large ad in a newspaper or in the yellow pages? Because with almost every type of print advertising, size matters. You run a larger ad because that's what gets noticed. Your smaller ad gets overpowered by those from the car dealer, law firm, or box store that is 5 to 20 times the size of yours. So how do you compete for the attention of the consumer? Spend a fortune on a huge ad so yours gets noticed?... Well that's pretty much your only option with any print advertising. Except for us. We've solved this problem for the small business owner. When you advertise in the Value Book, every business gets a full page. So no matter how small your business may be, you make the same impact as the large businesses whose advertising budgets may be 50 times yours. and that's pretty nice to finally even up the playing field.