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We have designed both the website and each advertiser's page to navigate easily and also provide you with many options to gain information, share these advertisements, or contact the advertisers in a number of different ways. We have given you the best of both worlds - where you can see all of the Money Saving coupons, but also view some very different and in-depth ads, and hopefully learn a lot more about the businesses advertising with us.

You can close this window and hold your cursor over the different sections of the page to see what each button or tab does.


Each advertiser has a separate page (and some merchants have multiple pages).  We have divided the pages into sections with tabs at the top - one for the advertisement portion (and some merchants may have multiple tabs for their advertisement - or a restaurant may have an additional tab containing their menu), and one tab containing all of their coupons.  You can flip back and forth between these tabs at any time for each advertiser.

THE LEFT PANEL OF BUTTONS gives you a whole host of different action buttons for each advertiser, such as: go to their website, email them, make an appointment, etc.  To view what each button stands for, simply place your cursor over that button and a full text description of what each button does will appear.  Not all merchants will have every option, so whichever buttons are showing will be those available for that particular advertiser.

THE TWO TOP TABS are how you navigate to the next advertiser's page or the previous advertiser's page.

On the "Go to Next Page" tab, the advertiser is listed in the center (black) section of that tab.  In this case it is Jiffylube. If you want to see the advertisement for Jiffylube first, simply click the "View Advertisement" top part of that tab.  If you want to see the coupons for Jiffylube first, simply click the "View Coupons" lower portion of that tab. Once you are on the page, you can easily go back and forth between the ad and coupon sections buy clicking the "Advertisement" or "Coupons" tab at the top of each ad.  We recommend that you view the ads first, since many advertisers have a great deal of new elements (photos, slideshows, and even video) that were never in their previous ValueBook ad. Once you have seen the ads, you may choose to go page by page, viewing the coupons first and periodically rechecking the ads, as content may have changed periodically or seasonally.